Oro valiklis WYNN'S, aerozolis, vienkartinis 100 ml

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Wynn’s Clean-Air removes and neutralises odours and bad smells in vehicles.

Wynn’s Clean-Air removes and neutralises odours and bad smells in vehicles. Neutralises bad smells by means of a molecular, chemical reaction. Instantly removes bad smells. Works on a wide range of unpleasant odours of organic materials: Cigarette smoke, pet smell, body odours, transpiration. Removes food smells, such as coffee, orange, vanillin, pizza, fries, spilled food. Removes odour from vomit, smell of mildew and damp. Removes bad smells from fabrics, e.g. seats and carpets in vehicles. Chemical neutralisation of the smell molecules, instead of just masking the smell, leading to a long lasting effect. It has a fresh delicate minty perfume, which slowly disappears after use. Does not leave stains. APPLICATIONS For use in cars, trucks and buses. DIRECTIONS If possible remove the source of bad odours (i.e. empty ash trays, remove dirt from fabrics). Ensure that the aerosol is at room temperature. Ideal application temperature 5 to 30°C. Put the spray in a central position in the passenger compartment of the car or truck cabin. Push down the spray handle until it clicks in the blocked position. The spray is activated and will automatically spray the product inside the vehicle. Leave the vehicle and close the doors. Wait until the spray is empty and all product is consumed (approximately 2 minutes). Remove the spray from the vehicle and leave the doors open for aeration, during approximately 5 minutes. Repeat the treatment if the smell is too persisting and still present after the first treatment. If some humidity is left on surfaces, simply wipe it off with a cloth. Wynn’s Clean-Air leaves no stains on fabrics, metal, plastic, rubber, wood. It can leave a light stain on glass and mirrors. If this is the case, simply remove it with water or a glass cleaner. Do not spray directly on food, drinks, animals and humans. If sprayed on objects which can come in contact with food and drinks, rinse objects with water before use.
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